We understand you, your aspirations and we work to help you achieve your goals.
ECA Graduate Institute(EGI) is a Registered vocational college committed to excellence and professionalism. The college offers a caring and supportive learning environment, with courses which provide a broad range of career opportunities, and pathways to further university study. EGI has three campuses, one in each of Sydney’s, Melbourne’s, and Brisbane’s vibrant central business districts. Our campuses allow easy access to all that these cosmopolitan cities have to offer; they are also close to major rail and tram stations, bus transport hubs, and an easy walking distance to fabulous entertainment and tourist centres. The colleges are also in close proximity to major universities, museums, shopping districts and cultural facilities.

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WHY STUDY WITH ECA Graduate Institute?

  • Qualified and experienced trainers in the world of business
  • Industry based vocational education and training
  • Caring and supportive learning environment
  • Practical gateways to career opportunities
  • Pathways to further university study
  • Real-world knowledge and skills

ECA Graduate Institute vocational courses provide industry based vocational education and training courses which provide practical gateways to career opportunities and/or higher education. Our qualified trainers have experience in the world of business and the world of education, and they bring these two worlds together to provide applied real-world knowledge and skills. On successful graduation, EGI students will possess practical real-world knowledge and skills, and be ready for further educational and employment opportunities.

Important Information for International Students:

Courses delivered/offered by ECA Graduate Institute Pty Ltd for overseas students are full-time courses. These courses are not delivered part-time or by distance education. The minimum amount of full-time study shall be 20 contact hours per week for ECA Graduate Institute Pty Ltd programs, taken as an average for each term while the course is in session. For ECA Graduate Institute Pty Ltd programs, the number of weeks of study in an Academic year is 40 to 48 weeks per year (4 terms of 10 to 12 weeks each). The duration of each course has been determined on the basis of the normal amount of full-time study required to complete the course. Before lodging your enrolment application you should consider whether you would have enough money to cover: Living expenses, Airfares, Course tuition fees, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and all general expenses including books and other items required during your stay in Australia. Students are not required to be enrolled full-time in their final term where the students have been required to repeat units. Students are not permitted to repeat a unit of study more than twice.