Graduate Certificate Program

We are living in an exciting world that is changing every day; one has to be equipped enough to understand how to operate in it. If you are looking for an advance in a career, broadening your knowledge, developing new skills or specializing in a field to update your professional profile, a Graduate Certificate Course is what you should go for.They are short, focused programs designed to give students the advanced skills and know how.

Generally, they do not extend the duration of one year and typically follows a bachelor’s degree. You can earn the degree online or on campus.

Why Graduate Certificate Program?

  • Boosts your skills therefore you can apply quickly when you learn
  • Gateway to Master’s Degree program
  • Extend your pursuit of long life learning

Australia is the hub of education when it comes to higher studies. The individual universities offer different strengths and capabilities, providing a diverse base for research for students. As a supplement to student’s specific educational goals, the Graduate Certificate Courses enhance the academic and professional experience. Australia has two intakes- February and July.

There is a host of interesting fields to study in, such as Science, Agriculture, Tourism, Hospitality, Business Management, Economics, International studies and so on. Boost your skill-set today with a Graduate Certificate Course in Sydney.

Melbourne is also a great option for a Graduate Certificate. Guided by experienced higher education researchers with practical exercises, the students learn valuable work skills.

To apply for the same, you must have a good grade point average or some previous hand on experience in the area you wish to study in. Contact the respective department of the University for more comprehensive information on the program requirements. These courses are less expensive than a full time degree program and so not hefty on your pockets. The courses also lead to gainful employment, so after a year, you can start earning and have immediate financial benefits.

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