Vocational Courses

No matter what you plan to do after your graduation, a vocational course can prepare you for the next stage in your education, career and life. The Vocational Courses are designed to teach you a skill or trade that will help prepare you for college or a specific career field. Traditionally, VET courses are known to focus more on providing practical and work-orientated occupational skills

They are traditionally non-academic and are relate to a specific occupation. These courses impart application based studies alongside the theoretical aspects. You can opt for short term or long term courses. The short term or certificate courses provide introductory skills and training and vary from few weeks to 6 or more months while long-term or diploma require full 18 to 24 months study. The popular courses are hotel management, fashion designing, tourism, film and television, beauty care and many other interesting options.

How does it help?

  • People joining workforce for the first time
  • Rejoining after a break
  • Upgrading your skills
  • Moving into a different career

The Vocational Courses are called Vocational Education Training in Australia. The schools here teach you with experience and practical knowledge. Qualifications gained through the VET system can lead to a variety of diverse and exciting careers. Vocational Courses in Australia require an Upper intermediate English level or show all your application documents or you may be asked to sit for a placement test. The courses here will give you hands- on, career-focused skills for success in your future workplace.

It is also becoming increasingly common for higher education graduates to complete VET qualifications in order to gain practical, work-orientated skills to assist them to enter the workforce.

The courses are very flexible in the timings. Classes are held in morning, afternoon or evening. The Vocational schools in Brisbane assess your academic performance so you need to pass all your academic exams and assignments. Average course fees are affordable while higher level vocational courses have higher fees.

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