Professional Year Program

The Professional Year Program is a structured professional development program combining formal learning and workplace experience. It integrates business training with career skills developments making you job ready. Successful completion of the Professional year program will also help you earn important points towards the permanent residency and skilled migration pathway. Students from Accounting , IT and Engineering background with two years of Australian Qualification Framework are eligible for a Professional year course.

Unixplore is one of the leading accredited Professional Year program enablers for Professional Year courses in Sydney, Melbourne. Choosing a professional year program from Unixplore will offers free IELTS training alongside the course and a few other tool workshops training making you job ready. Upon completion of PY successfully, The internship programs offers your access and gateways with some leading brands in Australia. Enrol Now

Word of Advice to all Professional Year Program Students

Though cost is certainly a benchmark for any student , there are many education bodies and agencies offering Professional year programs in Australia at low price. Please ensure that the education body chosen has a reputation in the education world coupled with strong internship program. There will be some education bodies placing students in unacknowledged placement programs, which is total waste of effort for a student and not well recognized in the professional world.There would be agencies interested in making you a migration client once the 485 visa expires. Hence it may look lucrative win in short term, however would be a loss in long term perspective.

Team Unixplore does not subscribe to nay such idea , we realize how important is the 5 points in the making of a brighter future. Hence we enable Professional Year Programs from Education providers which are top notch in the market and have a strong and robust internship program with leading Australian brands. After all its just not only about getting the Permanent Residency, its about getting the right knowledge and being job ready to make an impactful career.

I am ready for PYP.

To get started with a PYP program you must have :

  • An Australian undergraduate/postgraduate degree in Accounting/IT/Engineering resulting from two years of study in Australia.
  • Received, or have applied for, a 485 temporary graduate visa with a minimum of 12 months remaining.
  • Evidence of English Skill.
  • Completed a skills assessment for your field


eca professional year

Do not wait until it is too late to benefit from this program. The sooner you get experience and improve your resume, the better your opportunities will be.